Learning To Walk Before You Try To Run

Last time, we talked a little about common quick fixes to getting pregnant when things aren’t going to plan, whether that’s self help solutions, like losing a bit of weight (something we should all think about from time to time), or when the time comes to get a little help from a professional like a chiropractor. An often overlooked are though, state of mind, is something that we’ll look at today, as even if you’re not the sort of person to be superstitious, there are certain aspects which are easy to see as common sense.father over cot

Let’s start at the end of the spectrum that people often write off as silly, and that’s buying loads of stuff for your baby before you’re even pregnant. If you’re browsing Amazon for bargains and arranging delivery of something like the cheap Motorola MBP18 baby monitor or spending a little more on the bestselling Motorola MBP36S, you’re actually jumping an important step, to spell it out – conception!

Of course, if you’re very matter of fact about life, the chances are that you’ll not believe that a simple purchase will have any impact at all on your ability to make babies, but there’s always going to be a slight change in your state of mind once things are being bought, as it’s actually quite a significant marker in the sand that you really are going to be a mummy or daddy one day in the not too distant future! It’s a huge decision in anyone’s life, so no matter how buried in the subconscious, it’s going to trigger at least a little anxiety in there somewhere. Even if you’ve got superhuman confidence and comfort in such a massive decision, your partner may not, and it still takes two to tango!

There’s also the consideration that regardless what you buy or don’t buy, it may not happen for you. We don’t mean to be mean or negative, but until you’re pregnant, you don’t categorically know that you and your partner are able to have children at all. It’s unlikely to be a problem of course, but if that does become clear, any money spent today may turn out to be a waste, not to mention a reminder of the disappointment in future too if things don’t happen.

So, that’s the two polar opposite ends of the spectrum, so what should you do about it? Well, the obvious answer is get practising, as starting a family is supposed to be fun! There’s going to be years of sleepless nights and other family focused headaches ahead, so make the most of the last few months of relative freedom. If you want to start investing in parenthood, you can always buy a few Amazon vouchers, then cash them in for that baby monitor or whatever else later, once you’ve had that positive test. Many people even leave the purchasing until after the 12 week scan, as the chance of the pregnancy completing successfully after the third month soars as you enter the second trimester.

What’s more, people will be falling over themselves to buy baby things as soon as they find out, so there’s a great chance that you won’t need to foot the bill yourself anyway. Naturally, it’s exciting, but for now, enjoy the precious time with your partner before there’s a little person around to monopolise their time!