Struggling To Get Pregnant? Is Weight Loss The Magic Fix?

Getting pregnant is usually a big part of a woman’s life plans. Many American women start to formulate their wish list at a very young age, dreaming of their wedding, their husband and naturally that leads to thoughts of a family of their own. The vast majority of people love family life, as it conjures up memories of Christmas times past, along with other big occasions, usually with a big family meal as a focal point.

Sadly, for too many women, getting pregnant turns out to be the difficult bit. Ahead of time, you would expect finding the right man, saving for the wedding and perhaps saving for a house deposit to be the big hurdles. Intentionally glossing over the physics of it, fun though making a baby is expected to be, putting family planning into action sometimes just doesn’t happen that quickly.

Once you’re married, or perhaps disappointing your parents by being wonderfully modern and considering starting a family out of wedlock, the pressures have a nasty habit of starting to mount. We all know about the pill and condoms being near 100% effective at preventing unwanted pregnancies, but for some women, there can be a similar statistic for preventing a wanted child being conceived too.

That contraceptive force can come in a number of ways, all of which can be stressful, cause anxiety and all manor of other things that are never going to be helpful in trying to get pregnant. Common causes include putting a date on wanting to get that positive test result, and even knowing looks from your mother, or worse still your mother in law, knowing full well that they’re impatiently awaiting an announcement.

It’s highly advisable to think about all this with you partner well in advance. After all, he’s going to feel the pressure too. Get into good habits ahead of time – improve your diet if you’re partial to junk food, as a healthy body is far more likely to want to create a whole new body inside you. Solve as many of those outstanding life problems that have been niggling away for years. Perhaps you hate your job, get a new one! If that’s your problem though, think carefully as it may affect any maternity benefits if you fall quickly pregnant after starting out with a new employer.

The biggest problem we see, though, is excess weight. We know that you know that too, and we know that you hate hearing it, but losing weight will do wonders for an overweight couple that are struggling to have a baby. We say couple as it can be as much about Dad as it is about Mum. It relates back to eating more healthily, as good habits in the kitchen can help weight to fall away on its own. The bigger you are the more effective weight loss will be too – even losing a stone for a twenty stone lady can make all the difference,even though it’s highly advisable to use the motivation to get down to a much healthier BMI. Common signs that it’s time to live healthier include regular lower back pain, so even if you’re not yet trying to conceive, if you suffer from back ache, that can be a good sign that you need to address the issue ahead of time. See your local chiropractor to get a plan together, as they’ll often be able to help you to mix a simple exercise schedule in with your better eating plans to get the results faster.

Hopefully giving a bit of thought to how you (and your partner) can be in the best shape to have a baby in the coming months and years will prevent you from ever having a problem in the first place. You may be absolutely fine as you are, but why not use the excitement and anticipation to solve any other future health problems now, rather than have that nagging thought in the back of your mind in the years to come when you’ve got a little one to look after – you’ll even have more energy to get outside and play!